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Individual Therapy

50min| 70€

Individual Therapy

90min| 100€

Couples Counseling
90min | 110€

* a sliding scale is possible for low incomes. If you have financial difficulties, message us to find a fair fee together.

Fille en thérapie

Integrative Psychotherapy

What is it ? 

The term integrative psychotherapy defines a type of therapy in which the therapist selects the strategies and tools from other therapeutic approaches best suited to his patient's needs, request and personality. 

An integrative therapist will initially discuss with you your reasons to seek therapy, and decide together on the best approach to use in order to help you, at your own pace. 

Such therapy can draw from cognitive and behavioural therapy to figure out concrete strategies to deal with symptoms, from psychoanalytic psychotherapy to dig deeper, work directly on the problem's origin and bring a global understanding of oneself, from a systemic approach focusing on communication and the dynamic between family members and couples, from humanism, from developmental theories, etc...

An integrative psychotherapist always has in mind that everyone is unique, and tries to design a therapy that fits best to that patient's unique story, personality, and needs.


If you only seek help to solve a particular issue in a limited amount of time, we can also provide counseling sessions. 

These are a lot more direct and solution-focused on a specific issue, and less on the global health of the individual. 

Say you encounter recurrent difficulties in your marriage, or with your child, and seek a rapid and concrete solution to your problem, counseling sessions can be offered. 


Jessica Posso, M.Sc

Office hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 19:00

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