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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is online psychotherapy effective ?                                                                                               

Yes. Studies show that online psychotherapy is as effective as in-person psychotherapy.

Check here for more details.

 Will you be able to help me ?                                                                                                       

We are trained to help you with any psychological difficulty you might be going through. 

If you want to be screened or treated for a disorder we do not specialize in, we will refer you to a qualified colleague who does or let you know which specialist to contact next. 

In case of emergency, call the 112, or the 0180 655 30 00.

 How long will therapy last ?                                                                                                        

The lenght and frequency of therapy depends on many factors such as : your request, your needs, your financial means, the type of therapy, etc... In any case, this will be determined with you before starting therapy to find the best option for you.  

 How much does therapy cost ?                                                                                                     

You can find my fees here. An online individual session of 50min cost 70€. If you have financial difficulties, we can discuss a fair fee together based on your income.

 Does my health insurance cover the cost of the sessions ?                                                            

It depends. As every health insurance provider has a different policy, it is worth asking them directly.

Find out more here

 Can I cancel / move my appointment ?                                                                                        

Yes. You can cancel or move your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours prior. Otherwise, the session is due. 

 In which language is the session ?                                                                                                

Sessions are either in English or in French. If you're looking for another language, I might have a colleague to refer you to. 

 What are my payment options ?                                                                                                   

Payments are usually done via bank transfer. If necessary, a different payment method can be arranged.

 Are the sessions confidential ?                                                                                                     

Yes. Everything you say is strictly confidential and cannot be shared to a third party unless you have given your consent.

Only 3 exceptions apply to this rule : 

      -If you present a significant danger to yourself, or an imminent risk of suicide

      -If you present a significant danger to others, or express the intention of committing a crime

      -If you have knowledge of a minor being abused or express abusing one yourself.

Only in those cases are we required to inform the relevant authorities about it. 

Find our detailed confidentiality and data protection policies here.

What's the difference between Psychologist / Psychotherapist / Psychiatrist / Psychoanalyst ?     

  • A Clinical Psychologist is a psychologist who specializes in mental disorders and working with patients who suffer from them. They haven't necessarily been trained in psychotherapy.

  • A Psychotherapist has been trained in one or more psychotherapeutic methods in order to help patients recover from the psychological issues they encounter.

  • A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental disorders and their pharmaceutical treatment. He is the only one allowed to give an official diagnosis and prescribe medication. However, they usually do not offer psychotherapy.

  • A Psychoanalyst is someone who has been trained to lead a long-term psychoanalysis by an experimented psychoanalyst from recognized institute. This title is not always protected in every country. The treatment requires multiple sessions a week, and usually lasts for years. It doesn't have to be about healing a disorder, but rather a path to self-discovery and inner growth.

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