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Does my insurance cover my sessions ?

In Germany

If you are insured in Germany, there are multiple ways to get your sessions partially or fully covered by your health insurance provider: 

1- If you have a private insurance "Privatversicherung" which covers it.

2- Subscribing to a "Heilpraktiker Zusatzversicherung" which covers it. (between 8 - 30€/month)

3- If you can attest that no refunded Psychologischer Psychotherapeut can see you soon in your area while you have an urgent need for psychotherapy.

4- Deduct it from your taxes. 

The best way to be sure is to call your insurance provider and ask them directly about it. "Do you refund psychotherapy by a "Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie". In which conditions and how much ?"


Here are the lists of potential german health care prodivers covering psychotherapy by a Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie:

In any case, we recommend you call your insurance provider directly to ask them specifically if they refund "Psychotherapie bei einem Heilpraktiker eingeschränkt für Psychotherapie".

Deduct it from your taxes:

In Germany, whether you are an employee, an independant worker or an entrepreneur, you can deduct any health-related fees you paid out of pocket from your yearly taxes as "außergewöhnliche Belastung":

  • Employees: as your taxes are automatically deducted from your salary, you do not need to fill in a "Steuererklärung" online every year. But if you do, you can declare your health-related spendings and more on it, for which you can get a refund.

  • As "Freiberufler" or entrepreneurs, you are obligated to fill in your "Steuererklärung" every year. In it, you can declare your health-related spendings and more, which will be accounted for in your yearly tax return, and for which you can get a refund.

Best is to ask a "Steuerberater" where and how to declare those spendings in your tax declaration.

In France

  • The regular public health insurance "Sécurité sociale" doesn't refund sessions by a psychotherapist or a psychologist. 

  • Some private extra insurances "Mutuelles" can refund a certain amount of sessions per year. As each "mutuelle" has a different policy, check in your contract or call them to know much you're entitled to.

    •  The ones covering the most sessions per year are : ​Cegema, April, Apicil, Macif...

If you have any additionnal question, feel free to ask

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