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About your therapist

Originally from France, I moved to Germany about 10 years ago where I studied psychology while working as a language teacher. As an expat myself, I have also faced the hardships of emigrating to a new country, being immersed in a whole new culture, dealing with the isolation, the language difficulties, and so on. It's easy to become overwehlmed by those and forget about what brought us here in the first place.

However, expatriation is not only hardships, it's also an opportunity for self-exploration and growth. By working together, we can figure out how to navigate the difficult times and make the most out of the opportunities life gives you.

Driven by a curiosity to understand the world around me, as well as a desire to work close to people, I navigated between medical studies, teaching, child/senior care, volunteering, art, music and psychology. I found great meaning in this path, and I am now glad to be able to help others deal with the challenges of life.

Through my experiences in various countries, through my work, and in my personal life, I have enriched my practice of diverse skills and knowledge in order to adapt best to my patient's needs and personality. Psychotherapy is a human experience of connecting to another before anything else, and when it is successful, it offers a great resource to explore oneself in safety, confidentiality and find the necessary guidance and support seeked, for as long as they are needed.

What studies have shown is that, along with the therapist's qualifications, a therapy is most effective when both therapist and patient present themselves authentically, and can create a safe and benevolent therapeutic relationship. And this is how I decide to lead my practice and work with my patients.

I work in collaboration with a network of mental health professionals that I carefully selected to match the same level of qualifications and quality of care, to whom I can refer you if needed.

Each of them is based in a different country, uses an integrative approach, specializes in providing online psychotherapy and works with expats. 

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